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Pellivaramandi Web Series Cast, Release Date, Watch Online



Pellivaramandi Web Series

Pellivaramandi Web Series: Pellivaramandi is an upcoming Indian Telugu Romcom web series. The series features Prasad Behara, Viraajitha, Epsiba, JDV Prasad, Chandu JC, Torani Makana, Akshay Sriniwas, Phani Prakash, Kakinada Nani, Raju, Sri Kumari in lead roles with other supporting cast.

It is directed and written by Prasad Behara. It is produced by Vandana Bandaru.

Pellivaramandi is a Telugu rom-com web series that premiered on Infinitum Media in 2023. The series stars Prasad Behara, Kanchan Bamne, and Viraajitha in the lead roles. It is a light-hearted and entertaining series that follows the story of three young people who are trying to find love and happiness.

The series begins with the introduction of our three protagonists: Arjun (Prasad Behara), a shy and introverted software engineer; Meera (Kanchan Bamne), a bubbly and outgoing fashion designer; and Swati (Viraajitha), a smart and independent lawyer. The three friends are all looking for love, but they are all having different degrees of success.

Arjun is too shy to approach the women he likes, Meera is too picky, and Swati is too busy with her career. However, when the three friends are invited to a wedding together, they find themselves in a situation where they have to work together to find love.

Pellivaramandi is a refreshing and heartwarming series that explores the different aspects of love and relationships. It is a series that everyone can relate to, regardless of their age or relationship status.

Pellivaramandi Web Series Cast

  • Prasad Behara
  • Viraajitha
  • Epsiba
  • JDV Prasad
  • Chandu JC
  • Torani Makana
  • Akshay Sriniwas
  • Phani Prakash
  • Kakinada Nani
  • Raju
  • Sri Kumari

Watch Pellivaramandi Web Series Online

Pellivaramandi Web Series Details

GenreRom Com
Directed byPrasad Behara
Produced byVandana Bandaru
Release dateStreaming
CastPrasad Behara
JDV Prasad
Chandu JC
Torani Makana

Pellivaramandi Web Series FAQ

What is the release date of the Pellivaramandi web series?

The release date of the Pellivaramandi web series is streaming.

What are the cast of the Pellivaramandi web series?

The cast of the Pellivaramandi web series are Prasad Behara,Viraajitha,Epsiba,JDV Prasad,Chandu JC,Torani Makana.

Where we can watch the Pellivaramandi web series?

You can watch the Pellivaramandi web series on YouTube.

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