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Top 10 Telugu Web Series to Watch 2022



Top 10 Telugu Web Series

Top 10 Telugu Web Series: In today’s day web series is being liked all over the world, especially in India, it is being liked very much after the lockdown. Today we are going to talk about Telugu people who like to watch Telugu web series, today we have brought a list of the Best 10 Telugu web series for them which you will like very much.

Telugu Series are available at Aha Video, ZEE5, MX Player, and Amazon Prime Video. In this post, we have covered the top 10 Best Telugu Web Series to watch online ott Platforms.

Top 10 Telugu Web Series 2022

NameIMDBOTT Network
Kudi Yedamaithe 8.4/10 Aha
Tharagathi Gadhi Daati 8.1/10 Aha
Surya 8.9/10 Youtube
The Software DevLOVEper 7.7/10 Youtube
Madam Sir Madam Anthe 7.7/10 Aha
Locked Web Series7.7/10 Aha
11th Hour 8.7/10 Aha
Loser 6.9/10Zee5
SIN Web Series 8.4/10 Aha
Geetha Subramanyam Web Series 8.1/10 Aha /Youtube

1.Kudi Yedamaithe (Aha)

A Food Delivery Guy, Who Finds A Bloody Corpse Of A Young Woman In The Middle Of A Night & A Female Police Inspector Investigating A Missing Child’s Case Collide Into Each Other As They Meet With A Fatal Accident, Which Sends Both Of Them Into A Never Ending Time Loop Until They Figure Out An…

  • Episodes – 8 Episodes
  • Genre – Drama
  • Director – Pawan Kumar
  • Cast – Amala Paul, Rahul Vijay, Ravi Prakash, Raj Madiraju, Nithya Shri, Rachiraju
  • IMDb Rating – 8.4/10
Kudi Yedamaithe

2.Tharagathi Gadhi Daati (Aha)

A Gist Of Tharagathi Gadhi Daati: A Beautiful Story Of Two Adolescents And Their Friends. A Journey Set In The Backdrop Of Math, Chemistry Tuition That Rekindles The Magical Moments Of First Love And Shows How LOVE Can Be Tougher Than Final Exams

  • Episodes – 5 Episodes
  • Genre – Drama
  • Director – Mallik Ram
  • Cast – Harshith Reddy, Payal Radhakrishna, Bindu Chandramouli, Nikhil Devadula, Snehal Kamat
  • IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
Tharagathi Gadhi Daati

3.Surya (Youtube)

The show follows the story of Surya, a middle-class youngster struggling to find a decent job but to his misfortune, he never achieves any success at the task.

  • Episodes – 10 Episodes
  • Genre – Drama
  • Director – Subbu.K
  • Cast – Shanmukh Jaswanth, Mounika Reddy, Murali Krishna, Padma Venkat
  • IMDb Rating – 8.9/10
Surya web series

4.The Software DevLOVEper (Youtube)

A group of four people including Shannu work in a software company when a new girl, Vaishnavi, joins their team. Shannu falls in love with Vaishnavi and tries to spend time with her but she treats him like a friend.

  • Episodes – 10 Episodes
  • Genre – Drama
  • Director – Subbu.K
  • Cast – Shanmukh Jaswanth, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, Pruthvi Mukka & Jhakaas pruthvi
  • IMDb Rating – 7.7/10

5.Madam Sir Madam Anthe

Madam Sir Madam Anthe is an Indian Romantic Comedy web series, featuring Siri Hanmanth and Shrihan in the main lead role. The series is available free to watch on the youtube channel, Hey Siri.

  • Episodes – 10 Episodes
  • Genre – Drama
  • Director – Subbu.K
  • Cast – Shanmukh Jaswanth, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, Pruthvi Mukka & Jhakaas pruthvi
  • IMDb Rating – 7.7/10

6.Locked Web Series (Aha Video)

A Man Who Is Not Who He Claims To Be, Two Robbers And A Few Uninvited Guests, All Trapped And Locked In A Mansion. With The Mastermind Always A Step Ahead And Sinister Occurrences, Will They Survive This Journey That Is Sure To Leave Even The Brave Ones Trembling?

  • Episodes – 7 Episodes
  • Genre – Crime
  • Director – Pradeep Deva Kumar
  • Cast – Satyadev, Samyukta, Sri Lakshmi, Bindu Pagidimarri, Vasu Inturi, Aberaam Varma, John Kottoly
  • IMDb Rating – 7.7/10

7.11th Hour (Aha)

Courageous, Fearless, And Ambitious – She’s A Woman Trying To Conquer A Man’s World! Will Aratrika Win The Biggest Fight Of Her Life?

  • Episodes – 8 Episodes
  • Genre – Drama
  • Director – Praveen Sattaru
  • Cast – Tamannaah, Arun Adith, Vamsi Krishna, Madhusudhan Rao, Shatru, Pavitra Lokesh, Anirudh Balaji, Srikanth Iyengar, Jayaprakash
  • IMDb Rating – 7.7/10

8.Loser (ZEE5)

Loser is a 2020 ZEE5 Telugu Original series starring Priyadarshi, Annie, Kalpika, and Shashank. Set between 1980 and 2000, this sports drama narrates the story of 3 players struggling to succeed in their game, each during a different time frame, and their lives

  • Episodes – 10 Episodes
  • Genre – Sports/Family
  • Director – Abhilash Reddy
  • Cast – Priyadarshi, Annie, Kalpika, and Shashank.
  • IMDb Rating – 8.7/10

9.SIN Web Series (Aha Video)

Caught In An Emotional Turmoil Over An Abusive Marriage And Husband’s Extramarital Affair, Will A Woman’s Love Triumph Over A Man’s Lust? Inspired From Hoichoi, A Story That Tugs Your Heart.

  • Episodes – 7 Episodes
  • Genre – Drama
  • Director – Naveen Medaram
  • Cast – Jeniffer Piccinato, Thiruveer, Deepti Sati, Ravi Verma
  • IMDb Rating – 6.9/10

10.Geetha Subramanyam Web Series (Aha Video/Youtube)

Geeta Subramanyam Is A New-Age Romance Comedy That Explores The Story Of Geetha And Subramanyam, A Couple In A Live-In Relationship. Their Constant Bickering And Cutesy Fights Make For An Endearing And Engaging Watch That Evokes Fun. The Story Explores How Over Time, They Realize.

  • Episodes – 17 Episodes
  • Genre – Drama
  • Director – SivaSai Vardhan Jaladhanki
  • Cast – Manoj Krishna Tanneru, Darshini Sekhar
  • IMDb Rating – 8.1/10

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