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Qing Qing Zi Jin K-Drama Series: In the world of Korean dramas, “Qing Qing Zi Jin” has captured the hearts of viewers with its captivating storyline, compelling characters, and beautiful cinematography. This enchanting K-drama series takes us on a journey through time, where love and destiny intertwine. Set in the backdrop of ancient China, the show effortlessly blends romance, fantasy, and historical elements, making it a must-watch for K-drama enthusiasts around the globe.

Qing Qing Zi Jin is a Korean drama series. The k – drama series features Rain Lu, Shiqi Fan, Xie Binbin, Yu TingEr, Lu Xiaoyu, Yan Yi Yi, Huang Xuan, and Fortuna Yu in lead roles with other supporting cast.

It belongs to Romance, Costume & Period genres. It has a total of 40 episodes in the first season.

Qing Qing Zi Jin Cast

  • Fan Shi Qi
  • Xie Bin Bin
  • Lu Xiao Yu
  • Yu Ting Er
  • Huang Hai Bing
  • Han Dong
  • Zhang Chen Guang
  • Zhang Yu Qi
  • Mou Feng Bin
  • Dong Li Wu You

Qing Qing Zi Jin Synopsis

During the days of the Tang Dynasty (618-907CE), Chinese arts and culture are experiencing a golden age. Poetry is highly prized – and the rewards for becoming a prominent poet are great.

Luo Qiu Chi (Fan Shi Qi) is a talented young poet – a poor scholar from a troubled background who is dreaming of a life full of art and writing.

He is forced to leave his family home and hide his true identity in order to pursue his poetry dreams.

Fortunately, he one day meets a female scholar named Wen Ren Jun (Xiao Yu Lu). She decides to help him as he attempts to pass the tough entrance test for the prestigious Zhu Xiu Academy.

He manages to gain admission – but now the going really gets tough.

He forms a bitter rivalry with the Zhu Xiu Academy’s star pupil. And then he must truly prove his mettle when he is selected to take part in a fiercely competitive poetry competition against the top scholars of a rival kingdom.

Luckily, Wen Ren Jun and other newfound friends are ready to help Luo Qiu Chi duke it out against the best young poets in the land.

“Qing Qing Zi Jin” is a 2020 Chinese drama series that was directed by Xu Fei.

Qing Qing Zi Jin Trailer

The Impact of “Qing Qing Zi Jin” on the K-Drama Industry

“Qing Qing Zi Jin” has made a significant impact on the K-drama industry, setting new standards for storytelling and production quality. Its success has paved the way for more diverse narratives and increased global recognition for Korean dramas. The influence of “Qing Qing Zi Jin” can be felt in subsequent productions, as creators strive to capture its magic and appeal.

Watch K Drama Series Qing Qing Zi Jin

You can watch all the Episodes online for free on Viki App.


“Qing Qing Zi Jin” is a mesmerizing K-drama series that weaves a tale of love and destiny across time. With its captivating storyline, exceptional performances, and exquisite production, it has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The series not only entertains but also explores profound themes and leaves a lasting impact. “Qing Qing Zi Jin” is a testament to the power of storytelling and its ability to transcend cultural boundaries.


Where can I watch “Qing Qing Zi Jin”?

You can watch “Qing Qing Zi Jin” on various streaming platforms, such asVIKI App. Check your local streaming services for availability.

How many episodes does “Qing Qing Zi Jin” have?

“Qing Qing Zi Jin” consists of 40 episodes

What are the cast of the “Qing Qing Zi Jin”?

Fan Shi Qi
Xie Bin Bin
Lu Xiao Yu
Yu Ting Er
Huang Hai Bing

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