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List of Ullu Web series ‘Prabha Ki Diary’ Cast, Actress Name, Episode



Prabha Ki Diary ( Honeymoon ) Cast

Prabha Ki Diary is an ullu popular web series.Ullu is known for its erotic and Bold web series.

Prabha Ki Diary is also in the list of ullu’s popular erotic series.

It has five episodes, each episode has a story different from the others.

if you searching for the Name of the lead Actress of Prabha Ki Diary series then you are in the right place.

Here is the list of Prabha Ki Diary episode

Title Prabha Ki Diary
Language Hindi

1. Prabha Ki Diary ( Dil Se Lekin) Cast

  • Anupama Prakash as Saba
  • Maninee De as Dr. Neel
  • Avdhesh Kushwaha as Property Agent
  • Raanveer Chahal as Arun

2. Prabha Ki Diary Cast

  • Pamela Mondal as Prabha
  • Dinesh Soni as Anil
  • Prashant Guptha Salil

3.Prabha Ki Diary ( The Wife ) Cast

  • Anusmriti Sarkar as Romilla
  • Somnath as Arnab
  • Manish Jain as Advocate
  • Pratik Dixit as Swapan Ray

4. Prabha Ki Diary ( Honeymoon ) Cast

  • Karishma
  • Anjana R

5. Prabha Ki Diary ( HouseWife ) Cast

  • Nithisha
  • Namitha
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