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Last One Standing, the Japanese comedy survival talk show, is returning for its second season on October 10, 2023. The show is hosted by the popular comedy duo Chidori and produced by Nobuyuki Sakuma.

In Last One Standing, comedians and talents compete in talk battles to advance to the next stage, where they take on roles in a thrilling drama alongside seasoned actors. A notable aspect of the show is that a portion of the drama remains unscripted, requiring the cast to share their stories in their own words. If their jokes fall flat during these unscripted scenes, they face elimination from the show.

The first season of Last One Standing was a huge success, ranking in Netflix’s Weekly Top 10 for four consecutive weeks in Japan. The show was praised for its humor, drama, and unique format.

For the second season, Last One Standing is promising even more excitement and surprises. The show will feature a new cast of comedians and actors, and the drama will take place in a new and mysterious setting: a large hospital.

One of the things that makes Last One Standing so unique is its blend of comedy and drama. The comedians must be able to make the audience laugh, but they must also be able to deliver believable and emotional performances in the drama scenes. This is a difficult challenge, but it is one that the comedians in the first season rose to admirably.

Another thing that makes Last One Standing so entertaining is its high stakes. The comedians are competing to be the last one standing, and they know that if they fail to make the audience laugh or if they give a poor performance in the drama, they will be eliminated. This creates a sense of tension and excitement that keeps viewers hooked.

Overall, Last One Standing is a well-made and entertaining show that is sure to please fans of comedy, drama, and reality TV. The second season promises to be even better than the first, so be sure to mark your calendars for October 10th!

Last One Standing Season 2 Cast

  • Daigo Yamamoto
  • Nobuyuki Hayakawa

Last One Standing Season 2 Trailer

Last One Standing Season 2 Details

TitleLast One Standing Season 2
GenreComedy and Crime
Directed ByNot Known
Produced byShinichi Takahashi
Release Date10th October 2023
CastDaigo Yamamoto
Nobuyuki Hayakawa

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